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Google's 2013 Socialism Update

4/09/2013 obama google socialism

What do Obama and Google have in common? Obama is handing out "food stamps", and Google is handing out "web stamps". Pre Google Panda update that question had no relevance. But now, in 2013, that question is very relevant. Obama, and now Google, think we, and in this case websites, should all be equal. In other words Google has gone to the dark side - the side of Socialism. Google's Panda update has rendered your 1000+ hours of SEO efforts on your prized site worthless - or at the very least your past efforts now carry much less weight. In 2013 Google has deemed every mom and pop shop that works ZERO on their sites SEO equal in the eyes of the SERP's (Search Engine Results Page). Now a person can pick up a mouse and create a "5-minute-site.blogspot.com" address >> write a few words >> and place right next to, or even ahead of your 10 year old hard earned site. When a site with a PR0 places ahead of a PR5 for the same keyword it's time for Google to rethink it's rating system.

Well guess what Google and Obama! Life is not fair. We are not all created equal. Survival of the fittest has worked for millions of years. Once you break that you break societies. Those that work harder than those that don't should land ahead of their inferior counterparts. I/we should not have to pay for someone to sit at home and whine about their back hurting for years on end. And I/we should not have to carry a 5 day old site (and its lazy owner) onto the first page of Google. Bottom line... In every facet of life, those that work harder should be rewarded for their effort.

I fully see what Googles intentions are. They are attempting to equal the playing field. They are trying to remove, bury, or de-index content aggregators, black-hat driven sites, and those wrongly manipulating the SERPS. While this may be working to an extent it does not fully. As usual, the good must pay for the wrong (spammy) actions of others. I proposed one possible fix for this. But it's clear something needs to be done. Instead of the web and its websites that live there progressing at its own undisturbed pace it has been fundamentally changed at the hand of Google. Unintentional as it may be, it's still a plain fact, that the web has been polluted with billions of spam pages all in an effort to exist to Google and therefore the world. Google and others of its kind have no doubt made the web the awesome place it is today. But it is flawed. Panda and Penguin were released to address those flaws. Did it work? Did your site flourish or flounder since Panda/Penguin came to play?

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