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I have a job (a couple actually), so I don't need to get rich from advertising on this site, just a little extra cash is nice. I pass this benefit on to you - the advertiser. Currently this website receives on average 40,000 monthly visitors, and climbing by about a thousand per month. 99.9% of them being web developers, ranging from newbies to gurus. All links are dofollow. For advertising inquiries contact websitaecodetut@orials@gmail.com Below is the cost to advertise on this website...

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A Dofollow in text link placed on the page(s) of your choosing. In text links are Great for SEO and backlinks.


You write the post exactly the way you want it. As long as you want (within reason). Up to 5 links. Email to me. I will post it on a dedicated page and link to it from the home page.


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