Testimonial #1
In 2003, my husband and I bought our new home in San Diego, which we were easily able to afford as we both had great, steady jobs. But when I lost my job this past year, our good times fell apart. Our mortgage payments became too high to make each month with only one income and we were terrified we would lose our home. After the people at Progressive Loan Solutions took on our case they were able to negotiate with the lenders and reduce our payment by $750 a month! We can now stop worrying each month about how we will pay the mortgage and focus on more important things, like family.

Testimonial #2
As a homeowner, the worst thing in the world that can happen to you is seeing your dream home go into foreclosure, and that is just what happened to my family. Due to the rough economic times, our interest rate on our mortgage sky-rocketed and we were unable to continue making payments. A date to sale was set and we were helpless, watching the home our children were growing up and making life long memories in, fall out of our grasps. We were desperate for help and luckily the angels of PLS came into our lives and saved us in the knick of time! They were able to save our home from foreclosure, allowing us to stay in our home. They were also able to reduce our interest rate to 4.5% which kept the payments the same. PLS saved our house and in a sense, our lives! Thank you so much PLS.

Testimonial #3
My wife and I both agreed when we purchased our second property that it would be a good investment in the long run. We easily found a tenant to rent the house, and their rent easily covered our mortgage payments. But when our tenants moved to another state we were unable to find a new renter. Without the extra income of rent coming in each month, we started to fall behind on our payments and were afraid we would have to sell our investment home and cut our losses. Fortunately, we discovered PLS and with their help our interest rate was lowered to 3.8% for five years. This has helped us greatly and we can now continue to make payments and keep our investment!