Video and introduction.

Hello, my name is Eric Watson. The service I and this website provide is simply this... I give you the ability to edit your own website in an easy "Microsoft Word like" interface (in a WYSIWYG Editor, What You See Is What You Get). Essentially, I do this by playing the middle-man between you (and your website) and a powerful, yet simple, service called Surreal CMS. With your information (and permission), I add a few well placed pieces of code into each page of your pre-existing website. This, in part, gives you the power to edit your own website and removes your dependency you have on your web designer! Now sit back, relax, and watch these two short videos which should make it all clear. Or, Click Here for a full run down of the benefits my service offers.

What Is Surreal CMS Getting Started With Surreal CMS

Check out the demo!

To play with the demo, simply enter editdemo into the password field, pick your preferred language, and click LOGIN (opens in new window). Note: some features have been disabled in the demo.

Here is what the demo website looks like that you will be editing. Please refrain from editing-in any inappropriate language. Also, keep in mind that others may be using the demo, and therefore making changes, at the same time as you. So, if you happen to see any unexpected results, that is most likely the cause. Every six hours the demo will be refreshed and made new again.

How much money?

A One Time fee of $199 is all it takes! This amount will give you everything you've seen herein, and enable you to edit your own website. This also includes unlimited help and support from me (within reason) for as long as you and I live. I'm 35 years old now, and healthy, so that should be a while. If your not completely satisfied with the end result, I will refund your money, no questions asked. Note: this includes websites up to ten pages in size. For websites larger than ten pages, add $49 for each five additional pages.

Yes, sounds good! How do I proceed?

If you like what you've seen and heard, then adding this convenience to your website could not be easier. Using the form below, aside from your personal information, I simply need four pieces of information from you in order to enable this functionality for you. I need your website address, your FTP address, and your web host username and password. Very likely, you may not know this information off hand - that's OK!

To obtain this necessary information, you can... A) Contact your web hosting company and ask them for this information. If you don't know who your web host is, visit and/or, insert your web address, contact the web host that is thought to host your website, and ask them for this information. B) Contact your current (or past) web developer, he will know this information and should have no problem giving it to you. Or C) If neither A or B produce results, you can contact me using the form below omitting that which you don't know, and you and I can work together to obtain it.

Once I've received all the information I need, I will verify that this information is correct and current, and enables me access to your website. I will then send a bill to your email (via PayPal) for the payment. Once I've received your payment (via PayPal), I will get to work and give you the power to edit your website at will! Depending on my current work load and/or size and complexity of your website, this may take me anywhere from a day to a week to complete. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Your Personal Information

Your Website & Web Host Information


"Best decision I have made. Eric and his team are very professional and fast. The services they provide is a tremendous value. Now we can make real-time changes to our website and they cost us nothing." Steven Brandt, President Organic Nutrition, Inc.

"Having the ability to regularly make updates to our website has increased our website visibility. Eric at gave us the ability to edit our site and add pictures without having to wait for someone to get to it and of course saves us a lot of money. The investment you will make in a one-time fee from Eric will pay for itself with just two changes. We use to pay $50-$100 every time we needed to update something, now it costs us nothing. Laura Madison.

"Every time I make a quick change on my website I feel like I just paid myself $50. Having the ability to make quick changes (and not be charged!) has increased my website hits and our sales." Lucas Sheen.

Features & Benefits

Edit your site Online from anywhere - All you need is a connection to the Internet, and you can edit your website online. You can login to your site from any computer, any web browser, anywhere! And no need for complicated software or FTP programs.

Change or add Text - Freedom to change or add the text to your Home page, or any other pages you create! You can even add or change text that will automatically populate to every page on your website!

Source Code Access - Need to access and change source code? No Problem. Advanced users will love the ability to get at and modify source code!

Insert Images - Upload your own images and then place them where you would like them. You can even link images to other sites!

Change or add Meta Tags - Full control to change the Keyword and Description Meta Tags of your web pages!

Create Links - It's very simple to create links to other pages, websites, or email links!

Plus Much More! - Try out the demo and see everything you can do!