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Here is what your getting... Get the high quality, authority backlinks that Google loves! You get a packet of 20 PageRank 8 & 9 DoFollow Backlinks with step-by-step screenshots showing you exactly how to place the backlinks. The price for these 20 PageRank 8+ DoFollow, high quality backlinks is a unbeatable, one-time cost of $8.95. Number 1 & 2 have a pagerank of 9. Numbers 3 through 20 have a pagerank of 8. This is the PageRank of the domain and not the page. The page (forum/community/signature/etc) are usually a couple lower - e.g. pagerank 6 or 7. Although the root domain pagerank is really all that matters.

A little explanation... I did not origianally put all these high PR backlinks together. I did however recieve permission the sell them and split the profits with the creator. Also... SHHHH... I am selling them for less than I paid for them. I have put in place all 20 backlinks and they work beautifully as promised. Each is explained in great detail with illustrated pictures. From the creator...

"I created a brand new website for a client that was purchased, set up, and optimized (partially with these very links) AFTER both the Panda and the Penguin updates and that website is sitting at Number One in Google right now for a HUGE "Money Keyword". It's also on Page One for another related "Money Keyword". These keywords are worth THOUSANDS of dollars".

If your serious about placing near or at the top of Google then this is a no brainer for a measly $8.95!


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