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How To Create a XML & HTML Sitemap For Your Website


Insyper Sitemap Creator is the easiest and best way that I have found to bust out good sitemaps. Using "Insyper Sitemap Creator" you can effortlessly create XML, HTML, Text/CSV Format, Mobile, Image, and Video Sitemaps. You have the option to modify and include or exclude "change frequency", "last modified", Priority, and others. It includes a FTP for easy auto upload. Pings the search engines. HTML formating includes, "Basic with description", "Bulleted Multi-Level", "Bulleted Single-Level", "Numbered Multi-Level", and "Numbered Single-Level". Basically, the program gives you the ability to freely customize all aspects of your sitemap both XML and HTML versions. I tested and read for days looking for the best sitemap creator and Insypder was the best one I found. After using it for a few months I can see nothing that I would add to it. It was well worth the $39 I paid for it. Can't go wrong. 10 out of 10

insypder sitemap creator

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