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Alex ReviewThis is a short and to the point "Alexa review" Alexa is one of the most popular global and local website ranking systems. Despite the fact that the Alexa ranking does not reflect web traffic 100% accurately, it is still very important for webmasters to improve their rank *depending*. Advertisers look at Alexa rank to offer advertising prices. Many advertising networks set a minimum Alexa rank that websites must meet in order to join. Alexa ranking is even more important for e-commerce sites because better ranking means the websites have more credibility, more traffic, more visitors, and more customers using the services. Alexa ranking is based on the tracking information sent from Alexa Toolbar users, and a "statistics widget" you can add to your website.

Alexa rank has no bearing on SEO or "Google page rank". It primarily measures traffic and popularity stats. Google does not look at those metrics. So is it worth trying to better your Alexa ranking? It is if you need advertisers or advertising networks to consider your website worthy of their advertisig efforts. If you do not place any ads on your website or participate in any advertising networks it is probably not worth your time. Lower the score the better. A global score of under a 100,000 is a good number to initially shoot for. At the time of writing, mine Alexa score is 600,000 something. First to 100,000 wins...

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