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iPhone/iPad Firebug Lite Bookmarklet Tutorial

Use Firebug Lite on iPhone and iPad

With your iphone or ipad copy and paste this code >> while on this page bookmark www.websitecodetutorials.com >> rename it to "Firebug Lite" >> Save and exit >> Now on your iphone/ipad click on your bookmarks icon >> navigate to the folder you bookmarked "Firebug Lite" >> Click Edit in top right (on ipad) >> Click "Firebug Lite" bookmark you just made >> Click in the box under the name of "Firebug Lite" (AKA the URL address) >> Select All and Backspace to Delete >> Paste in your Code you copied in the 1st step >> Exit >> load up a page >> and click the "Firebug Lite" bookmark you made >> If you did it right Firebug Lite should pop up on the page.


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